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Christmas Journey reaches 2,130 pupils

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23 clips of children aged 5-7 and 7-11 talking about their Christian faith designed for easy use by schools nationally.

Thanks to over 117 volunteers, children aged 5-6 learned about why Christmas is important by visiting their local church.

Avenue Primary School teachers’ commented, “The children got a lot out of the experience because they could relate it to what they knew already. It was good to recognise all the cultures in the class.” In Forest Gate, the pupils’ favourite thing was Mary’s Kitchen, “‘Cause she gave us nice things to eat and we saw an angel!”

Pupils’ from local Islamic faith school, Quwaat-ul-Islam Girls’ School participated for the first time. RE leader Fathima Khatun, said, “Thank you for the opportunity of attending the nativity, the children came back in high spirits and really enjoyed it.”